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Successful Investment Round Completed: Novumstate Introduces the Future of Property Management

Novumstate is delighted to announce the successful completion of an investment round. With a total amount of over €1.3 million, equity and debt capital, the company has secured the financial resources to advance its visionary mission and shape the future of property management.


Novumstate aims to transform traditional property management companies through digitization, modern processes, synergies, and increased industry attractiveness. With the newly acquired capital, the company will drive ambitious goals and implement innovative measures to meet the growing demands of real estate investors, owners, tenants, and other stakeholders.

A primary focus lies on establishing a strong group structure and developing a platform with proprietary software. Novumstate plans to hire talented process designers and HR experts who will contribute to the future-oriented direction of the property management industry. By building the platform and optimizing internal processes, Novumstate strives to provide efficient and top-notch services.

The property management market in Germany is traditionally conservative, lacking progressiveness, and highly fragmented. Digitalization and the use of modern technologies have been limited, leading to inefficient workflows. Novumstate aims to address these challenges and modernize the industry through innovative approaches.

“We have clear milestones in mind: by the end of this year, we aim to manage over 10,000 units, placing us among the top 4% of property management companies. Next year, we strive to surpass the milestone of 20,000 units, positioning us among the top 0.4%. Our long-term goal is to manage over 50,000 units within the next five years,” explains David Pikart, Co-Founder of Novumstate GmbH.

Revolutionizing Communication Channels and Efficient Property Management through a Digital Platform

Another significant milestone for Novumstate is the introduction of its own online platform, scheduled to launch later this year. This platform will be based on state-of-the-art technology and enable intuitive and efficient interaction, supported by artificial intelligence, between tenants, owners, and property managers. By implementing a cutting-edge digital infrastructure, Novumstate will expand its customer base and ensure a seamless and transparent management process.

“Thanks to the successful investment round, we can turn our vision into reality and significantly influence the future of property management,” explains David Pikart, Co-Founder of Novumstate GmbH. “We will utilize the funds to further develop our digital tools, drive process optimization, and implement tailored automation solutions. This will allow us to increase efficiency, eliminate unnecessary paperwork, and provide outstanding service.”

In the coming months, Novumstate will release more information about its projects and services. The company invites real estate investors, owners, and interested parties to join forces with Novumstate in shaping the future of property management.


Angelique Houben
PR Manager, Novumstate GmbH